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Rules, Regs, Points

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:49 pm

Track Etiquette:
We expect good track awareness and Responsible driving. This is critical to avoiding accidents.

Track Perameters
The white lines highlight the edge of racing surface and you the driver are expected to keep 2 wheels on track at all times

If you put all 4 wheels over the white line this may result in a drive through penalty the following will explain cause for penalty

If the car gains time by crossing the line ie:
It enables the car to run the corner at a higher speed thus gaining and advantage over your competitors and continues driving this will result in a Drive through

If the car runs wide and loses speed or the driver realizes the mistake and safetly lifts the throttle in recognition of the cut that will work in the drivers favour and may result in no penalty given

Track Re-entry
If you find yourself off track for whatever reason you are expected to re-enter the track at a time that is safe for all cars if that meens you have to lose places to be safe then so be it as re-entry and causing a wreck will result in a drive though plus a loss of points

We understand and want everyone to race but we like to keep accidents at a minimum. My words of wisdom are it will generally deliver a quicker race time by being patient and keeping your car clean than running laps with damage.

The defending driver may only defend the line once, so you can not for instance weave twice on a straight to prevent being overtaken. You must chose your line and keep to it. ie on corner entry for instance you can move from the racing line to the inside line earlier than normal to prevent the car behind getting the inside of a corner this should be done in a timely manner to avoid side swiping or braking issues by cutting up the car behind. Then upon corner exit as long as the car is still deemed to be behind you and you have defended successfully you are free to move back to the racing line. You are then free to do the same again at the next corner etc.

Higher Class Traffic
In multi-class racing events there will be faster traffic will lap lower class cars at some point when this situation arises lower class cars are to continue there race as if the faster cars are not there, Faster drivers are to yield to slower cars and call their pass.

All drivers are expected to call your pit entry and exit. This is for 2 reasons:
1)It helps the race director keep track of who's pitted
2)Warns cars around you of your intentions

CAUTIONS (Yellow Flag)
If more than one car are involved in an incident the drivers are expected to imedately voice that a caution is out on track thus all other drivers are expected to have due regard for any limp or disabled cars.

The first place driver in the highest class will reduce race speed to 50 MPH all other driver will group up behind this driver until damaged vehicles have pitted any driver who is a lap down may continue and get one lap back, the race will resume with a single file restart on the front straight the following lap.

If the rare event may occur where a drivers car is totaled the driver has one of three options:

1) Call for safety vehicle (If available)
2) Limp back to pit (Advised)
3)Leave race and spectate ( points will only be received if 60% of the race has been completed)

Trading paint is two or more cars trying not to hit each other in tight competition, it does not mean bumper nudging someone off the racing line so you can overtake!

Accidents are just that. No one wants to end their own or your race however that does not mean the offender should get off free from penalty. Accidental contact is subject to penalty based on the severity and fault of the accident. Series Admin will have final say on all contact within the series where the accident occurred.

Nobody is here to lose the race, however, we all take a turn too hard or brake too late trying to overtake someone we really should not have. This is the cause of most accidental contact. If you are found to be repeatedly causing accidental contact due to aggressive driving a site wide warning will be applied. This means your aggressive behavior is put on notice for all series you run in.

Malicious contact will be swiftly and severely punished. This is up to and including series ejection and website ban.

If you are involved in or witness of an incident while racing we request that you Record the incident. This is done by saying "Xbox Record That" or having your smart glass app open and pushing record. Either action will record the last 30 seconds from the time that the incident occurred.

It is understood that not everyone has access to a Kinect so this feature will not work, however if enough Drivers can submit a Clip of the incident in their own perspective we should be able to make clear rulings in times of disagreement.

Race Points
all below receive one 1 point

Driving a safety vehicle during a race is 40 Driver points


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